PACKAGE: Puppy Power

Package: Puppy Power
Package: Puppy Power

PACKAGE: Puppy Power


“Puppy Power” includes:

  • Initial consultation (1.5hrs) - We will discuss any questions puppy parents might have this time which might include:  house training, socialization, basic manners, how to deal with common puppy behaviors (chewing).  We will also go over a checklist of what puppy parents want to accomplish with their pups.  We will also go over positive reinforcement training methods

  • Introduction to Socialization (1.5hrs) - During this session we will discuss (and practice) this critical socialization period for puppies and show puppy parents how to socialize them to objects, people (big, small, young, old), other dogs, their veterinarian and vet clinic, husbandry, body handling and car rides in a way that is fun and positive!

  • Basic Manners/Obedience (1.5hrs) - During this session we will practice working on engagement and impulse control activities such as:  eye contact, name game, hand targeting, loose leash walking and leave it.

  • Housetraining (1.5hrs) - During this session we will go over crate training, potty training, chewing and any other behaviors that might come up.

  • Progress/Transfer Session (1hr) - During this session we will discuss the progress of the puppies and parents!  We will address any questions or concerns that are brought up.  We will also discuss if more training sessions (with or without the parents) are needed or if the puppy parents feel confident moving forward on their own

  • Notes will be given after every session

  • Essential Oils:  Free with purchase of package or individual options

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