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Animal Communication Testimonials


Melanie, Helen, & Percy

Chrissy and her work through The Nature of Animals are gifts I didn't even know I needed.  I sought out a trainer that was skilled and compassionate. Chrissy patiently worked with me and the pups to build confidence and trust for stranger danger. And from there things improved in ways I didn't anticipate.  Each of my dogs gained confidence, self esteem, focus, and a whole lot of games to reinforce these important skills.  With her help we have made it through tough transitions from shelter to home, and through tough years of recovery from prior abuse and neglect.  My pups and I could now set and recognize boundaries, which reduced my anxiety and let them play and interact well with other dogs and people. To be really clear, for one pup, that meant no longer trying to bite other dogs but to play with them instead, and for the other, to make human friends without fear of being hit.  I went from being constantly vigilant for trouble to one who could  enjoy play time along with my changed pups.

As a result, the three of us grew closer and developed deeper bonds.  Key to these transitions, and to our continued growth, is Chrissy’s animal communication.  She has talked with each of my dogs several times over the past seven years: to learn things like what is causing physical pain or sickness, to understand what is behind some intractable behavior, to prepare them for difficult experiences like the vet’s office, and to let them know how much I love them.  I have learned and applied many, many things from these communications. Most impactful to me is I have understood our love for each other -  that has made me a better person which is the true gift pets give us.  I encourage you to be brave, even if, like me, naively at first. You will discover and grow so much with your pet.


Paige, Ron, & Mulan

Somehow having ended up with two extremely anxious and fearful rescue dogs, it has truly taken a team to navigate our new version of life together and Chrissy has been an MVP. Her diverse skillset and experience along with her empathetic and compassionate nature has helped us on our journey in ways that are hard to put into words. Not to mention her wildly accurate intuitive readings that have uncovered underlying issues that may have taken us years to figure out otherwise. Her combo of training expertise along with intuitive insights has truly been a game changer for a challenging situation like ours and a ’secret sauce’ that I would recommend for anyone living with a sensitive dog. The training world can be tough to navigate but I always know I can count on Chrissy for an approach that makes sense and feels right. Her passion for what she does shines through in everything she does and we’re so incredibly grateful for her. 


Swati, Chandi, & Kubera 

Chrissy has been a true gift to me and my animals. I've worked with her for over six years and she's supported me with three of my malamutes now. Each one has had special needs and a unique personality. Chrissy's knowledge and wisdom has helped me learn how to meet my beloved animal companions right where they are so that we can all thrive together. I love her positive reinforcement strategies and her solid spiritual understanding of my dogs. I feel fully supported by her insights and trust her methods. Chrissy has given me and my malamutes a solid foundation so we can continue to grow and thrive together.


Wendy & Wally

Chrissy read for my black lab Wally and it was such a joy!  Being able to connect directly with my dog and ask how I can help him with his anxieties and in general just make his life better is so helpful!  Since making the shifts Chrissy shared with me, the change in Wally has been huge.  Wally has gone from being clearly uncomfortable and reactive in the car to being far more confident and calm.  What a gifted reader Chrissy - thank you!


Marissa & Peru

Chrissy Messick's talent is incredible! I called on her support when I was looking for my next dog. She was able to connect with my late dog, Sully, and my current foster puppy, Peru, and share some insight and wisdom from their spirits. I wasn't sure that my foster puppy was my next dog. I was in a lot of grief and struggling with anxiety making this big life-changing decision. Chrissy had not met the puppy before and yet she described her essence perfectly. It was through our work together that I decided to adopt my foster puppy, Peru. It was the GREATEST decision I have ever made. Peru and I are soul mates and I couldn't imagine life without her effortless joy. She is such a gift. I owe my happiness to Chrissy!