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Welcome to our Puppy Training Program!

  • Science Based
  • Fun & Effective
  • Positive Reinforcement/Force Free
  • Transparent & Ethical
  • Humane Training Approach

Puppyhood is a crucial time for our pups to learn essential skills for navigating life alongside humans. Ensuring they feel safe in their environment is paramount.

We specialize in force-free, positive reinforcement training techniquesā€”all wrapped up in fun! This approach creates the optimal setting for both you and your puppy to thrive.

Our focus extends beyond just your puppy's needs; we're dedicated to equipping YOU with the skills and tools necessary for success. Building a strong foundation between you and your pup is key to fostering a lasting, healthy relationship.

Our ultimate aim? To nurture a happy, well-mannered companion for a lifetime of adventures together.


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Puppy Power Package (discounted price)


This Includes:

  • Five Sessions
  • Goals for You & Your Puppy
  • Proper Socialization
  • Teaching Desired Behaviors
  • Housetraining - crate/potty/chewing
  • Mouthing/Biting
  • Cooperative Care/Vet Visits
  • Resource Guarding Prevention
  • Written or video notes of sessionĀ 

*Additional charge for mileage beyond 20 minutes

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