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  • Science Based
  • Fun & Effective
  • Positive Reinforcement/Force Free
  • Transparent & Ethical
  • Humane Training

Get started on the path to a healthy and long lasting relationship with you and your animal companion by scheduling an initial behavior consult today!!Ā Ā 

Our behavior consult serves as a pivotal starting point, allowing us to gather comprehensive information and tailor our approach to meet the unique needs of both you and your animal companion. We do a deep dive into understanding your goals, concerns, and the specific dynamics of your relationship, ensuring a strong foundation for progress.

During this consult, we meticulously craft a management plan tailored to your circumstances, laying the groundwork for effective training strategies. Our methodology is based on force-free, positive reinforcement techniques, coupled with safe management practices, fostering an environment where your pet can thrive and learn.

Beyond teaching and training your dog, we empower you with the skills and tools necessary for sustained success. Because building a lasting bond requires mutual understanding and effort, we prioritize equipping both you and your animal companion with the confidence and resources to navigate life's adventures together.

Welcome to a transformative journey where every small victory marks a milestone in your shared growth and happiness. Together, let's pave the way for a healthy relationship thatĀ lasts a lifetime!

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Initial Behavior Consultation (in person)

$200/ up to 90 min

This Includes:

  • Discussing your dog's behavior and history
  • Desired goals for You & Your Dog
  • Implementing a management plan for immediate help
  • Creating a detailed training plan for long-term success
  • Written or video notes of consultationĀ 

*Additional charge for mileage beyond 20 minutesĀ 

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