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The Dogs of Our Lives - The Trailer

Season #1

Welcome to The Dogs of Our Lives Podcast hosted by Chrissy Messick, founder of the Nature of Animals, dog training and behavior consulting expert.

This trailer introduces the first season of the brand-new podcast, The Dogs of Our Lives, where I will chat with clients, colleagues, and professionals in the field about their unique experiences with their dogs.

Together we will explore the impact dogs have on our lives, and how that affects us as humans and our own interactions, with not only dogs, but the people around us. Be sure to join us for the first episode launching on June 4th.



Do you have? Or have you ever had a dog that has come into your life? And turned it completely upside down? Did they come into your world and change your life, teach you lessons or change your perspective about dogs or life in general? Or would you love to have a dog in your life to learn and grow with?
If you're looking for real life stories, real people, real dogs, inspiration and all the feels from humans and their dogs, then you are in the right place.

Welcome to the Dogs of Our Lives Podcast. I'm Chrissy Messick, founder of the Nature of Animals, where we help to create genuine and deeper connections between dogs and their humans through training, support and beyond.

After seven years of owning my dog training business, I have seen people's lives change because of their dogs and it's my passion to make a difference in people's and dogs’ lives. Join us as we dive into real life tales of transformation. You'll hear journeys of challenging behaviours to heartwarming successes and everything in between. Get ready for personal stories from clients, colleagues and professionals related to all things dogs. You'll be inspired to understand your dog better and come away with tips and insights to make a difference in you and your dog's lives. Be sure to tune in and subscribe to the Dogs of our Lives on your favourite podcast app. You and your dog will be happy that you did. I look forward to sharing with you.